Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Becca Baby!

There were 2 challenges in this custom press for a MUA member. 1) Becca eyeshadow in Suede, which is demi matte. I've never tried to crush/repress and never tried matte. 2) MAC Fairylite from the Hollidazzle collection in 2002. I never pressed pigments older than 2006. Turns out Becca was more amazingly well than expected and binds well with 91% isopropyl alcohol. But Fairylite didn't bind as well as I had hoped. It seemed a little dry compared to more recent pigments. In the end, the quad is gorgeous! Her testimonials, "It's lovely. The Becca does look gorgeous! Thanks so much and I look forward to swapping again." and "Awesome swap. My pressed e/s are gorgeous! I hope to swap again soon." - Victoria (Silver Springs, MD)

Becca Eyeshadow in Suede, MAC Fairylite, MAC Golder's Green, MAC Mauvement

Becca Eyeshadow in Suede, MAC Fairylite

Suede, Fairylite, Golder's Green, Mauvement

Golder's Green, Mauvement

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