Saturday, August 29, 2009

PLS 15 Most Wanted

You are currently looking at PLS 15 Most Wanted. A palette like this should be illegal! This professional MUA/Etsy member perfected a combination of earlier projects and added HG after HG. Everything a makeup addict can want and much more. Faded from dark creases to mid-tone washes to awakening highlights.

Her testimonials: "OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I just got it! Heather, my mouth has not closed since I opened the palette. I am speechless. utterly speechless. I have always loved pigments, but until this moment, I had no idea how truly beautiful they can be. It's like I'm seeing all these wonderful colors for the very first time! Incredible. You are a master, an artist, a goddess!" and "Heather is AMAZING! I just got my palette in the mail and I was literally speechless! The pressed pigments look incredible – better than I could have ever imagined. Heather is seriously talented and unbelievably sweet! A true gem!" - Anna (New York, NY)

Pressed Like Shadow 15 Most Wanted Palette

Deckchair, Provence, Gold Mode, Your Ladyship, Naked, Vanilla

Circa Plum, Apricot Pink, Sunnydaze

Sunpepper, Mauvement, Chocolate Brown, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time, Coco

Circa Plum, Deckchair, Apricot Pink, Gold Mode

Tea Time, Coco

Sunnydaze, Naked

Chocolate Brown, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time, Coco

Sweet Sienna, Apricot Pink

Gold Mode, Your Ladyship

Gold Mode, Your Ladyship, Naked, Vanilla

Professional black labels

Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Assets

A few experimental presses and a few of my favorites. After a depotting incident, I repressed Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow by crushing and using the same pressing process as I do with regular pressed pigments. Scatterrays Solar Bits was a bit of a challenge as it's very, very chunky and dry compared to regular MAC pigments. There are binders in it already so all you really need is 91% isopropyl alcohol.

However, Rose Gold Metal does NOT have any binders. After the liquid metal dries, it'll crumble and chunk off after you press it down. With a little help, I used MAC PRO Mixing Medium Face & Body as my medium with alcohol. This is by far the best binder for mineral makeup like Bare Escentuals, plus MAC matte pigments, MAC metal pigments, NYX, etc. Unfortunately it is currently not available in PRO stores to this day as MAC is "repackaging" it (I've asked NYC, Chicago, and LA locations).

Then a couple of my fave VHTF pigments are Deckchair (A15) and Coco Beach (A43). Both of which, I paid an excruciating amount of money for authentic original jars. Believe me... they're worth every penny. Or I might just crave the hunt.

Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow, Scatterrays Solar Bits, Deckchair Pigment, Rose Gold Metal Pigment

Deckchair, Rose Gold Metal

Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow, Scatterrays Solar Bits

Sunnydaze, Coco Beach

Blonde's Gold, Your Ladyship

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Princess Aurora

Sleeping Beauty went from Briar-Rose's brownish rags to Princess Aurora's gorgeous pink gowns. A perfect mix of neutrals and warm tones. Best in the palette include Deckchair, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time, Naked, and Shimmertime. There are 2 pigments that need longer drying time than the rest. That includes Apricot Pink and Dark Soul. Apricot Pink tends to leak out on the sides if pressed shorter than the usual 2 hours. Dark Soul will soak up the black so it'll turn grey. The longer you wait, the more true black it'll be.

Her testimonials, "Oh em gee. I am in love. With u and the pigments!! I am sooo happy! Blows anything I have ordered from others in the past out of the water. Your my new go to girl. Collecting a few things to send. ... Thanks heather." - Kristi (Hobe Sound, FL)

Princess Aurora Palette

Apricot Pink, Your Ladyship, Lily White, Deckchair, Shimmertime, Vanilla

Provence, Naked, Gold Dusk

Sweet Sienna, Dark Soul, Tea Time, Goldstroke, Dazzleray, Mauvement

Lily White, Deckchair, Shimmertime, Vanilla

Tea Time, Goldstroke, Dazzleray, Mauvement

Gold Dusk, Dazzleray

Provence, Sweet Sienna, Naked, Tea Time

Professional black labels