Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh my, how gorgeous is this quad? One of my favorite quads yet. This is a custom press for a MUA member. I need to get a hold of Dark Soul or Black Ore (Solar Bits is being repromoted this Summer!). It contains my HG Sweet Sienna, VHTF sans blueish cast or color change. People say Mauvement is a PITA to press b/c of color change and it crumbles, had neither of the 2 problems. But I found Dark Soul to be worse. Not so much the texture but the coloring. At first it came out dark silver, so I had to change up the timing in order to capture true to jar. Repressed and it came out closer to a dark gunmetal black. Her testimonials: "...Im sooo happy! Gosh its even more amazing in real life than it was in pictures! You are soo talented!..." and "Heather is AWESOME! She's very talented & very thoughtful about her work! This is hands down my favorite quad by far! <3333333 your work. ..." - Sally (Boston, MA)

Dark Soul, Mauvement, Sweet Sienna, Vanilla

Sweet Sienna, Vanilla

Dark Soul, Mauvement


Professional Black Labels

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For Sale

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Please visit:

The following colors listed below are available for sale. Simply use the drop down menu and "add to cart" on the secure Paypal Merchant order form below on the bottom of this post. Check out via Paypal. FREE shipping via USPS First Class Mail on all orders with the US! International, please add a quantity of 2 of one of your pressed pigment color choices to cover intl shipping rates.

Majority of the Pressed Like Shadow pigments are filled pans with 1 tsp to 3/4+ tsp. Colors marked with *** are low stock and range from 1/2-3/4+ tsp.

Order 4 or more and receive a FREE MAC x4 Pro Palette Quad, black labelled and ready for use! Order 15 or more and receive a FREE MAC x15 Pro Pan Palette. 3 or less, each pressed pigment will be protected in either a pro pan sleeve or between white cardboard, well packed a la Sephora, and shipped in a small sturdy box to ensure safe arrival. The palette labels will be cut seperately, which includes collection name if any. First come, first serve!

Gold Mode, Sunpepper

Heritage Rouge, Frost, Gold Mode, Sunpepper








Professional Black Labels and 1/2" round magnets

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gorgeous Cool Colors

Another custom press for a MUA member. These 4 cool toned colors seem to be favorites amongst MUAers, myself included. Perfect presses first time around without a need to repress. I have and love love love all of these in this palette. Deep Blue Green (crease/outer V), Teal (lid/wash), and Vanilla (highlight) is one of my favorite looks. With Violet, it's gorgeous to pair up with the ever so famous Makeup Forever Purple 92.

Her testimonials: "thank you so so much ! i received your package today and it's LOVELY! it's amazing and gorgeous..." and "beautiful quad received in the mail today (: and i was so happy with it ! even when i was unwrapping it, it was really exciting :D and i'm so thankful! thanks for all your time and effort..." - Camellia (Daly City, CA)

Deep Blue Green, Vanilla, Teal, Violet

Teal, Violet

Professional Black Labels

Protective black foam layer inside

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Double the neutral

This was one of the most thought out, well-planned custom presses I've done. Like the colors intertwined into actual quads where you can use all 4 colors for one look (lid, crease, highlight, outer v). Amazing neutral color choices all in all. One contains all LE colors while the other contains permanent colors with 1 LE. It seems as if Coco Beach and Chocolate brown are very very similar to each other but I cannot exactly say dupes.

Her testimonials: "... Her pressed pigments are in a class all their own. ...", "...Wow! I came home to the most amazing package ever. Thank you so much, Heather!! Oh my goodness - you did a phenomenal job. The pressed pigments are beautiful and so professional looking!!! Like I bought them straight from the MAC store. ..." , and "... Used one of the palettes you made me - the pigments were great! They were so pretty in the palette, I almost didn't want to use them. But, I did and oh my goodness! Having the pigments pressed makes such a difference - no fallout, easier to apply - love them!" - Frances (San Francisco, CA)

Sweet Sienna, Tea Time

Coco Beach, Your Ladyship, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time (open)

Coco Beach, Your Ladyship, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time (closed)

Professional Black Labels on the bottom

Both neutral palettes together

Tan, Coco

Chocolate Brown, Vanilla, Tan, Coco

Proctective black foam layer inside with 1 palette open and 1 palette closed

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool Colors Custom Press

Ah... two gorgeous cool colored palettes. We finally received the package from thebodyneeds. Turns out they didn't actually drop off the package till almost a week later. Nonetheless, they sent an extra pigment sample of Marine Blue. Did TBN ever do that before? Also all 16 jars were 3g, not 5g like their previous shipments. I pressed the final 2 and repressed 4 that I wasn't 100% happy about (call me a perfectionist with high standards). I love how this MUA/ST member went with blue green colors and purpley colors, aside from Dazzleray which it flows right in. Her testimonials: "... omggggggg....i love the quads *drools* i bow to you now! qiqiqiqiqiq :D these are my first MAC quads! and custom made....." - Cisca (Netherlands)

Deep Blue Green, Aire De'Blue, Golden Olive, Teal. Dazzleray, Cornflower, Violet, Pinked Mauve.

Deep Blue Green, Aire De'Blue, Golden Olive, Teal

Deep Blue Green, Aire De'Blue

Professional Black Labels

Dazzleray, Cornflower, Violet, Pinked Mauve

Pinked Mauve, Cornflower

Violet, Pinked Mauve

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Current projects

Presently pressed 62 pans of pigments as of today. A few pending current projects in the works. Some are pressed and most are pending. Sounds overwhelming but actually not all are here for me to actually press yet. So I'll welcome all new custom press requests at any time. ;) On another note, I will have a few pressed pigments that I'll put up for sale here or up for swap on MUA. Most likely within the next week or so. So far I have an extra Frost 3/4+ pan and Sunpepper 1/2 pan up for grabs.

MAC 8 x Pressed Pigments + 2 x4 Quads ►PRESSED 8/8
Completely pressed and ready to ship on Monday. One quad is all LE while the other quad has 3 permanent and 1 LE. Pics to come soon!

MAC 15 x Pressed Pigments + x15 Pro Palette ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. She sent me a giant list that I am floored about. Still have to choose what I want and will do soon. Ready and willing for another dream palette.

MAC 4 x Pressed Pigments + x4 Quad ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. She's sending these to me sometime early this coming week. She had to care for her significant other who's current post-op recovery from a recent scheduled surgery.

MAC 8 x Pressed Pigments + 2 x4 Quads ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. She's currently waiting for the MAC Rose Romance collection to come out, due on April 23, 2009.

MAC 4 x Pressed Pigments inside x4 Quad ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. One of those projects that are on again, off again. lol! I'll be patient with this swap.

MAC 8 x Pressed Pigments + 2 x4 Quads ►PRESSED 6/8
Still waiting for pigments from . 6 out of 8 are pressed so far. I feel so bad for having her wait so long. We did a combined order on 4/1 for the last 2 colors and are STILL waiting for them 10 days later. The package contains 3/4 tsp (quantity of 3 x 1/4 tsp) of Deep Blue Green and Cornflower for her. Then Bright Fuschia, Deep Brown, and Vanilla for me. I was also lucky with their Apricot Pink during their April Fool's Day sale.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Custom press x 6

This was another custom press for a sweet MUA/ST member and our 2nd swap. A couple like Deep Blue Green, Gold Mode, and Violet are my favorite colors out of this set. I would be happy to do another press for her in a heartbeat. Her testimonial: "...OMG that looks sooooooo gorgeous! I mean the colors looks so pretty pressed and they all just flow together. I swear it looks better then anything I ever bought!...", "it is sooooo beautiful! .... I love it so much.", and "Heather is one of the best swappers on MUA! Not only did she make me a beautiful palette that is to die for, she sent awesome extras and was great to talk to. ... Don't pass her up!" - Krystal (Pittsburgh, PA)

Deep Blue Green, Museum Bronze, Gold Stroke, Gold Mode

Palette closed: Deep Blue Green, Museum Bronze, Gold Stroke, Gold Mode

Professional Black Labels on the quad bottom

Palette open: Deep Blue Green, Museum Bronze, Gold Stroke, Gold Mode

Violet, White Gold