Saturday, April 11, 2009

Current projects

Presently pressed 62 pans of pigments as of today. A few pending current projects in the works. Some are pressed and most are pending. Sounds overwhelming but actually not all are here for me to actually press yet. So I'll welcome all new custom press requests at any time. ;) On another note, I will have a few pressed pigments that I'll put up for sale here or up for swap on MUA. Most likely within the next week or so. So far I have an extra Frost 3/4+ pan and Sunpepper 1/2 pan up for grabs.

MAC 8 x Pressed Pigments + 2 x4 Quads ►PRESSED 8/8
Completely pressed and ready to ship on Monday. One quad is all LE while the other quad has 3 permanent and 1 LE. Pics to come soon!

MAC 15 x Pressed Pigments + x15 Pro Palette ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. She sent me a giant list that I am floored about. Still have to choose what I want and will do soon. Ready and willing for another dream palette.

MAC 4 x Pressed Pigments + x4 Quad ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. She's sending these to me sometime early this coming week. She had to care for her significant other who's current post-op recovery from a recent scheduled surgery.

MAC 8 x Pressed Pigments + 2 x4 Quads ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. She's currently waiting for the MAC Rose Romance collection to come out, due on April 23, 2009.

MAC 4 x Pressed Pigments inside x4 Quad ►PENDING
Still waiting for pigments. One of those projects that are on again, off again. lol! I'll be patient with this swap.

MAC 8 x Pressed Pigments + 2 x4 Quads ►PRESSED 6/8
Still waiting for pigments from . 6 out of 8 are pressed so far. I feel so bad for having her wait so long. We did a combined order on 4/1 for the last 2 colors and are STILL waiting for them 10 days later. The package contains 3/4 tsp (quantity of 3 x 1/4 tsp) of Deep Blue Green and Cornflower for her. Then Bright Fuschia, Deep Brown, and Vanilla for me. I was also lucky with their Apricot Pink during their April Fool's Day sale.

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