Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Double the neutral

This was one of the most thought out, well-planned custom presses I've done. Like the colors intertwined into actual quads where you can use all 4 colors for one look (lid, crease, highlight, outer v). Amazing neutral color choices all in all. One contains all LE colors while the other contains permanent colors with 1 LE. It seems as if Coco Beach and Chocolate brown are very very similar to each other but I cannot exactly say dupes.

Her testimonials: "... Her pressed pigments are in a class all their own. ...", "...Wow! I came home to the most amazing package ever. Thank you so much, Heather!! Oh my goodness - you did a phenomenal job. The pressed pigments are beautiful and so professional looking!!! Like I bought them straight from the MAC store. ..." , and "... Used one of the palettes you made me - the pigments were great! They were so pretty in the palette, I almost didn't want to use them. But, I did and oh my goodness! Having the pigments pressed makes such a difference - no fallout, easier to apply - love them!" - Frances (San Francisco, CA)

Sweet Sienna, Tea Time

Coco Beach, Your Ladyship, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time (open)

Coco Beach, Your Ladyship, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time (closed)

Professional Black Labels on the bottom

Both neutral palettes together

Tan, Coco

Chocolate Brown, Vanilla, Tan, Coco

Proctective black foam layer inside with 1 palette open and 1 palette closed

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