Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oh my, how gorgeous is this quad? One of my favorite quads yet. This is a custom press for a MUA member. I need to get a hold of Dark Soul or Black Ore (Solar Bits is being repromoted this Summer!). It contains my HG Sweet Sienna, VHTF sans blueish cast or color change. People say Mauvement is a PITA to press b/c of color change and it crumbles, had neither of the 2 problems. But I found Dark Soul to be worse. Not so much the texture but the coloring. At first it came out dark silver, so I had to change up the timing in order to capture true to jar. Repressed and it came out closer to a dark gunmetal black. Her testimonials: "...Im sooo happy! Gosh its even more amazing in real life than it was in pictures! You are soo talented!..." and "Heather is AWESOME! She's very talented & very thoughtful about her work! This is hands down my favorite quad by far! <3333333 your work. ..." - Sally (Boston, MA)

Dark Soul, Mauvement, Sweet Sienna, Vanilla

Sweet Sienna, Vanilla

Dark Soul, Mauvement


Professional Black Labels

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