Thursday, March 26, 2009

My biggest project yet

This 15 Pro Pan was for a MUA/Specktra member. She provided the LE/HTF/PRO/DC pigments and created a dream palette. Most of these are HGs and I started lemming a few of them myself. Huge project and very time consuming, but VERY worth it. Not only is Naked a PITA to press, Naked isn't actually naked. She mixed it with another pigment and it came out darker than my own Naked. All others are true to jar in color. Her testimonial: "Heather did an awesome pressed pigment palette for me for our swap. It turned out beautifully (they look like regular MAC eyeshadows almost!)....." and "...your pressed pigments are so much better (the one I got in a swap was very powdery when I swiped it, but yours are much harder like actual e/s)...." - Lori (Washington)

Professional Black Labels on the palette cover

Melon, Coco, Naked (mixed by her, not actually Naked), Goldenaire, Milk, Tan

Subtle, Copperclast, Coco Beach, Tea Time

Deckchair, Vanilla, Coco, Naked, Milk, Tan

Jardin Aires, Cocomotion, Subtle, Copperclast, Coco Beach, Tea Time

Cocomotion, Apricot Pink, Copperclast, Melon, Tea Time, Goldenaire

The protective black foam layer I made that comes with each palette. Cut with a cutting board for perfection.

Knight Devine (a repress from a casuality she had)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another set of mine

Starting to love pressing even more. Night Light and Deep Blue Green are 2 of my HGs. Like the previous post, this isn't a complete quad. Just various pulls from my own palettes.

I swapped 2 of these and 1 below to another MUA/ST member. Her testimonial: "Heather created the most BEAUTIFUL palette for me. She packaged securely & made me feel really special with the time & effort she put into this swap! Thank you for making a wonderful quad, and I am definately coming back for more! Don't hesitate! :)"

Violet, Night Light

Violet, Night Light, Deep Blue Green, Teal

Deep Blue Green, Violet: Professional Black Label and 1/2" magnet

Violet, Night Light, Deep Blue Green, Teal