Sunday, August 2, 2009

Princess Aurora

Sleeping Beauty went from Briar-Rose's brownish rags to Princess Aurora's gorgeous pink gowns. A perfect mix of neutrals and warm tones. Best in the palette include Deckchair, Sweet Sienna, Tea Time, Naked, and Shimmertime. There are 2 pigments that need longer drying time than the rest. That includes Apricot Pink and Dark Soul. Apricot Pink tends to leak out on the sides if pressed shorter than the usual 2 hours. Dark Soul will soak up the black so it'll turn grey. The longer you wait, the more true black it'll be.

Her testimonials, "Oh em gee. I am in love. With u and the pigments!! I am sooo happy! Blows anything I have ordered from others in the past out of the water. Your my new go to girl. Collecting a few things to send. ... Thanks heather." - Kristi (Hobe Sound, FL)

Princess Aurora Palette

Apricot Pink, Your Ladyship, Lily White, Deckchair, Shimmertime, Vanilla

Provence, Naked, Gold Dusk

Sweet Sienna, Dark Soul, Tea Time, Goldstroke, Dazzleray, Mauvement

Lily White, Deckchair, Shimmertime, Vanilla

Tea Time, Goldstroke, Dazzleray, Mauvement

Gold Dusk, Dazzleray

Provence, Sweet Sienna, Naked, Tea Time

Professional black labels


  1. Im abit confused on how you've labelled them, but the grey-ish colours are really pretty

  2. Thanks!

    Labelled like the names? Or the professional black labels? The names are the actual MAC names of their pigments. I cannot take credit for coming up with them. lol!

    The black labels are made out of 1" round Avery label stickers and created by using web design and MS Word.

  3. Oh wait. Or did you mean the format. I post them as L to R starting from the top. For example Lily White (top left), Deckchair (top right), Shimmertime (bottom left), Vanilla (bottom right).

    And if there's any confusion on the other colors names, I have individual pics of the colors on my main site