Thursday, May 21, 2009

Can you say holy grail?

This MUAer chose her colors well, especially with the ever-so-HTF LE Deckchair and Coco. Both being my own HGs and hers as well. On a side note, beware of fake Deckchairs that are strictly pink from 2007. Real Deckchair is a true peach pink from 2005 (A15). Chocolate Brown and Tan are the most requested as well, being part of the permanent line where more people are familar with. This quad is love.

Her testimonials: "Just returned from the mailbox and LOVE your pigments!! Beautiful, beautiful, I can't stop staring at them, and you're right, those colors do look great together. Thank you for filling up the Choc Brown and Tan so high. You are awesome~" and "Just received my quad from is amazing in terms of quality and soooo beautiful to look at. I love it! She is a sweet gal and so easygoing, fair, friendly, and professional. Do not hesitate to have her press your piggies!!" - Karen (Seattle, WA)

Chocolate Brown, Deckchair, Tan, Coco


Tan, Coco

Chocolate Brown, Deckchair

Chocolate Brown, Deckchair, Tan, Coco (closed)

Professional black labels


  1. 1. Does Hugh's robe count as a HG?
    2. THANK you for the Deckchair batchcode! I've got one coming in the mail and will definitely check back!
    3. Palettes that gorgeous should be illegal. I wish I could leave you a testimonial, I'm pretty sure I like looking at your shadows even more than the people getting them in the mail!

  2. Oh, and an addendum!

    4. Have you ever tried -mixing- your own pigments and pressing them? Just curious!

  3. Yes, Hugh's robe is major HG material! lol!!! Did your Deckchair check out? I finally obtained a legit BNIB Deckchair OJ.

    LOL glad to know you're a big fan Ms. Whispered Mayhem. Wait till you see them in person! I never tried mixing them yet. Was thinking about it but never did.