Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Neapolitan Ice Cream with Sprinkles

Hellooo Dream Pallette! Talk about 15 scoops of Neapolitan ice cream with 4 colorful sprinkles on top. Doesn't it look delicious? This is my favorite project as of yet. A lot of time, effort, and dedication was put into both palettes. All filled with HGs beyond HGs. Majority were custom from this Queen of Pigments stash, couple were purchased from here. I didn't expect it all to flow so nicely together till the end.

Her testimonials, "SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I love it! Absolutely love it!", "You really out did yourself! Wishlist extras, beautiful pans! THANK YOU!!!!!!! I am already starting to pile up my next 15 pan. :) ... :) I will definately use these more often than the loose pigments. They look perfect - just like all your work.", and "I just got my personalized palettes from Heather... one word sums it up - WOW. Just Wow. She added in wishlist extras and was very quick to ship when she was done. She is a professonal in everyway with her pressed pigments. Thanks again Heather!" - Geri (North Charleston, SC)

Neapolitan Dream Palette

Apricot Pink, Shimmertime, Deckchair, Vanilla

Provence, Sweet Sienna, Subtle, Chocolate Brown

Goldstroke, Provence, Mauvement, Subtle

Tea Time, Dazzleray, Provence, Sweet Sienna

Deckchair, Vanilla

Goldstroke, Provence, Mauvement, Subtle

Your Ladyship, Tea Time, Goldstroke, Provence

Sunpepper, Goldenaire, Apricot Pink, Shimmertime, Deckchair, Vanilla

Professional black labels

Pinked Mauve, Mutiny, Pastorale, Quietly

Pastorale, Quietly


Pinked Mauve, Mutiny, Pastorale, Quietly (closed)

Pinked Mauve, Mutiny

Professional black labels

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