Friday, July 10, 2009

Mix & Mismatch

This friendly JS member ordered an assortment of holy grails. She also got the last of my Sunpepper, one of the most requested. I have yet to figure out the secret behind pressing Sweet Sienna. What do I do differently? Since I heard it bled, I usually mix faster than normal but with a lighter hand. I also let it dry 1-2 hours so the blue soaks into the cloth (sometimes there's no blue at all, sometimes it's sparingly blue, sometimes it's saturated). It never stays on the eyeshadow in my experience. Goldenaire on the otherhand, it's always more pink than peach/gold.

Her testimonials: "My compact just arrived and it's absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm going out with my girls tonight for tapas and I can't wait to try the colors out! Thanks, Heather!...beautiful craftsmanship! I'll be in touch for another soon!" and "Seller was extremely informative, knowledgeable, answered all my questions promptly and shipped very promptly. But most importantly, the pressed shadows were gorgeous and impeccably made and packaged. I will definitely purchase from this seller again!" - Melissa (Milwaukee, WI)

Sunpepper, Goldenaire, Circa Plum, Sweet Sienna

Circa Plum, Sweet Sienna

Sunpepper, Goldenaire

Sunpepper, Goldenaire, Circa Plum, Sweet Sienna (closed)

Professional black labels


  1. Where do you sell these, or you only swap?

  2. Hi! Yes, I do sell these. My etsy store isn't fully launched yet but if you go to my etsy, you'll see the 4 pan and 15 pan sale items with a list of colors available.

    Any questions, feel free to contact me at extralaces at aol or heathalynne on MUA. Thanks!