Thursday, February 19, 2009

Before it started

Some of my own pressed pigments of various colors. I actually have these placed in my MAC 15 Pro Pan Palettes, although put it in a quad for photo purposes. These are a few of the first I've pressed in the past. Coarse chunky pigments like Frost are a PITA to press but beautiful in the end. Other PITAs are Rose and Kitschmas.

Swapped a couple out to a MUA/JS member plus custom pressed pigments. I <3 her! We swap a lot from time to time. Her testimonial: "...She is the best! I love how she makes you feel so special with her packaging. She made me a nice pressed pigment..." and "...she made me pressed pigments that are out of this world. she is so artistic and professional. i just love it...."

Coco, Blue (Original), Golden Olive, Frost


Coco: Professional Black Label and 1/2" magnet

Coco, Blue (Original), Golden Olive, Frost



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